MEP Anthea welcomes enormous majority vote for a single seat for parliament.

Local MEP Anthea McIntyre joined fellow Conservatives in last week’s vote in favour of a single seat at the mini plenary in Brussels.

The result, 429 for a single seat and 184 against, is the highest majority ever recorded in such a vote and reflects the economic and environmental costs of the controversial Brussels-Strasbourg arrangement.

“The current two-seat regime is completely bonkers!” said Anthea, “It means that the whole legislature, administrative team and thousands of support staff are shifted for four days each month from Brussels to Strasbourg.

“A fleet of 20 trucks carries tonnes of paperwork between the two parliament buildings and the process wastes 170 million pounds of taxpayers' money every year. It also creates 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.”

The ending of this “travelling circus” has been a long-held Conservative objective and has progressively been gaining support from MEPs across the political spectrum.

"I am delighted that the parliament has made its view so clear,” said Miss McIntyre, “the travelling circus must end and this vote is a very significant step forward in our long-running campaign to stop this grotesque wastefulness.”