MEP Anthea condemns latest EU power-grab plan


Local MEP Anthea McIntyre has condemned an attempted power-grab by the EU which would potentially allow people who have never worked in this country to claim welfare and retirement benefits.


The plan is presented as a simplification of administrative arrangements between countries but could actually allow the EU to take control of decisions over Britain’s benefits system.

It is proposed that citizens of Turkey, which is hoping to join the EU, should be given access to the social security systems of current members and the move would “permit Turkey to align its policies on social security co-ordination with those of the EU in preparation for future accession”.

An angry Miss McIntyre said:

“This is an attempt to use powers that are intended to cover arrangements between existing members of the EU to bring forward a scheme covering countries that are not yet members and is totally unacceptable.

“I will be working closely with Employment Minister, Chris Grayling MP, to stop this attempt by the EU to interfere with our benefits system.

“Rather than try to grab additional powers, the EU should focus on cutting its costs and removing the excessive burdens it imposes on businesses. We need to allow enterprise to flourish to create new jobs.”