MEP Anthea supports Balwant Singh

Local Conservative MEP, Anthea McIntyre, has written to the Indian Ambassador to the European Parliament in Brussels, Dr Jaimini Bhagwati, calling for the Indian Government to remove the threat of the death penalty from Balwant Singh.

“It is the longstanding policy of Her Majesty's Government to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle.To this end, the UK has long been at the forefront of efforts within the EU and wider international community to maintain political pressure on countries that use the death penalty, and to urge countries to adhere to their human rights obligations. With regards to India and other Commonwealth member states, HMG regularly raises the abolition of the death penalty at both official and ministerial level.” Miss McIntyre said.

“I should also like to draw to your attention my membership of the India Delegation within the European Parliament. The Delegation has raised the issue of human rights in India with the European External Action Service, and as a result of these discussions it was agreed that human rights should form a consistent part of the European Union's dialogue with the Indian Government.

“In short, we oppose the death penalty and fully support calls for abolition being raised in the EU's political dialogues with a wide range of countries including India. We also support the EU in raising individual cases around the world.”

Miss McIntyre sent a representative to the peaceful demonstration that took place last week in Brussels who presented copies of her letter to the Indian Ambassador and showed support to the members of the demonstration.