Last week Malvern’s Friday Beer brewery welcomed special guest Anthea McIntyre MEP. Miss McIntyre, MEP for the West Midlands, came to visit the startup business that sells beer to over 45 outlets around Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, as well as to London’s prestigious Harrods department store.

Anthea met Gerald Williams, Andrew Kier and Perry Jackson, the company’s three directors who began brewing three years ago in their kitchens.

She was shown the brewing process and talked with the trio about the support they’ve had from the local community and from local government schemes for small businesses.

Anthea said “I am so delighted to see how well this local company is doing in such a short space of time, and I very much look forward to welcoming them to the European Parliament’s British Pub and Beer Group Christmas reception in Brussels taking place on 2nd December. This is a great achievement and the company should be very proud of their success in this competitive market.”

Gerald Williams, Director of Friday Beer, said “we’re extremely grateful for Anthea’s visit. We think it’s important that politicians are aware of the small businesses in their constituencies and get to hear about what works, and doesn’t work, in helping them to grow.

“The West Midlands have a proud tradition of brewing and Herefordshire and Worcestershire are now the UK’s largest hop producing region. We draw many of our ingredients from the local area.

“Next month we’re off to Brussels, to the European Parliament’s British Beer and Pub Group Christmas Reception. This year’s focus is on the West Midlands and we hope that we can be good ambassador’s for the region’s food and drinks industry as well as for British entrepreneurship. 

“We’ll be taking along a selection of our beers, including our Black Hill Stout, for MEPs and Commissioners to try. We hope they live up to the high standards of Belgian beers.”