West Midlands Conservative MEP Anthea McIntyre said today she deplored the rocket attack on Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty which is believed to have left 23 dead.

"This was a despicable and cowardly attack on people who have already been forced to flee persecution in their native land," she said.

The attack, which involved multiple rockets and has been claimed by Shia militia , caused carnage among exiled members of the Iranian opposition group the PMOI who are housed at the former military base in Iraq. PMOI supporters say the attack was instigated by Iran.

Miss McIntyre said: "No political or religious divide can justify an onslaught as vicious as this.  The camp has been targeted before but never with such ferocity or callousness.

"I condemn this barbaric act in the strongest terms and I call on the US and the UN to ensure the protection of the camp's residents and assist in their relocation to a safer place, perhaps outside Iraq."