Letter to Editor

Your story about the thuggish and racist menacing of three sisters aboard a train left me dismayed but not despondent.

As joint-founder of West Midlands Together, a cross-party campaign for tolerance and mutual respect, I found the details of the court case distasteful in the extreme - especially that someone could behave so offensively to young women who had offered no provocation.

But I was heartened to see how the prosecuting officer praised members of the public who had rallied round and helped to identify the culprit to the police.

And I can only offer sincere admiration and praise to the women involved who were brave and calm enough to film their assailant on their mobile phones, thus providing the evidence to ensure his prosecution.

Here are examples for us all. We formed our organisation following a spike in hate crime after the EU referendum last year.

We want to show that our region is welcoming and accepting of all decent people - and that as a society we will not let people with hatred in their hearts hold sway.