I am Anthea McIntyre, Conservative MEP for the West Midlands.
I am hugely proud to represent a region of nearly six million people, which includes the core of England's manufacturing industry along with some of its brightest cutting-edge technology. We also happen to have more than our share of beautiful countryside.
As a lifelong Conservative I believe in the freedom of the individual, equality of opportunity and encouragement of enterprise. I want a Britain the works for everyone, regardless of background, where all our people are enabled to reach their full potential.
I was honoured to be re-elected as MEP.  Of course we expect the UK to leave the EU sooner rather than later,  but until that happens it is important that I continue to speak up for our region and our country's interests.
In particular I shall continue my campaign against unnecessary red tape wherever I find it. As agriculture spokesman I shall continue to promote the use of more effective, more accessible and more affordable technology to help feed the world in a way that is environmentally and economically sustainable. 
We must continue to strive for the best deal possible for Britain as we leave the EU.
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