The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI) is primarily responsible for examining and, where necessary, amending the European Commission's legislative proposals by preparing reports on agricultural policy for subsequent adoption by the European Parliament in plenary. It has 45 full members and 45 substitute members, all of them very committed to its work. Many of these members have very close links to agriculture, through their origins or their previous activities.
The powers and responsibilities of our committee are more important than ever now that, since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon, the European Parliament has the power of codecision, with the Council of Agriculture Ministers, on the common agricultural policy (CAP).
The Agriculture Committee is responsible for:  
  1. The operation and development of the common agricultural policy;
  2. Rural development, including the activities of the relevant financial instruments;
  3. Legislation on:
    1. veterinary and plant-health matters, animal feeding stuffs provided such measures are not intended to protect against risks to human health,
    2. animal husbandry and welfare;
  4. The improvement of the quality of agricultural products;
  5. Supplies of agricultural raw materials;
  6. The Community Plant Variety Office;
  7. Forestry.

The reform of CAP and the promotion of British agriculture were Anthea's main focuses on this Committee. The UK farming industry has an enviable record of improving animal welfare standards; of ensuring the traceability of all foodstuffs; and of environmental protection and improvement. The promotion of British food across all sectors was a key objective.


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